Welcome to the home of Andrew Kennedy Foundation. A non-profit,
non-government and non-existent think tank.
What we do
We solve world problems - albeit one problem at a time. View entire blog.

We have solved the following
world problems:
We also promote other philanthropic causes in the area of public education
by promoting the various
Dayal laws:
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The only questions are:
  • How can you join a non-existent organization?
  • How can you contribute?
  • This questions have been plaguing the Founder, President for quite
    some time.

The answer is, quite simply:
You can't! If you could, then how would this be a non-existent think-tank?
However, if you really wanted to, you could send us an email by clicking
Andrew Kennedy Foundation doesn't exist
Our motto is "Solving world problems, one problem at a time"
We have nothing to do with the other organizations like "Andrew Carnagie
Foundation" and the "Kennedy Center". The main difference is that these
organizations exist and support NPR and we are non-existent!
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