Should I buy the Apple’s iPad? iPad Reviewed

Quite like the other “experts” in the field, I have not seen the iPad, I do not own an iPhone either. Therefore I am a the most qualified expert on the iPad. Furthermore, unlike the other “experts” I also know that I don’t know what I am talking about. Which makes this blog as the absolute gospel on purchasing the iPad.

The iPad probably comes in several colors – if it doesn’t, then it comes in only one color! Do not let the color be a deterrent. Much like the iPhone, you should be able to buy different skins for the iPad. If you are not able to find a good colorful skin for the iPad, good old grandma’s cushion pillow covers can double nicely for the iPad skin.

The iPad comes with the wi-fi and broadband options and maybe some more features. I would recommend that you get the one with the least options, so that when it freezes and you throw it to the ground and jump on it, you won’t feel so bad afterwards. If the iPad does not freeze then you have not loaded the iPad with enough crappy applications. Go to the nearest iPad App store and download all the nonsense you can find. My favorite app is the one that automatically writes nonsensical evaluations like this one!

Once you have purchased it, the last advice is about showing off the newest gadget in the face of the universe. You need to carry it around! The only way of carrying the iPad is tucking the contraption under your arms much like the way Moses was showing off his tablet when he walked down from the Apple Store on top of the mountain, or they way the Statue of Liberty carries the shopping list. It would be best if you wore bed sheets while you did this!

In conclusion, would I recommend buying the iPad? The answer is the most loud and unequivocal “definitely maybe”.

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